Brett Lempner is a recent college graduate who studied cinematography and lighting at Asbury University. Brett aspires to be a director of photography for feature films and television. He has been filming videos since high school when he started a freelance videography business, Aspire Imagery. He started with drone videos for architectural firms and worked his way up into corporate promotional videos, wedding films, and narratives. Brett has directed and DPed short films, music videos, and commercials and is always looking for new projects.

Awards and Honors:

  • 3 Awards in Highbridge Film Festival
    • “Best Editing” for Face to Face – 2020
    • “Special Mention for Title Design” for Face to Face – 2020
    • “Special Mention for Lighting” for Shattered – 2021
  • Flawed was a Semi-Finalist in Dreamachine International Film Festival (student film category) – Winter 2020
  • Final Blow has been selected for Global Indie Film Fest – 2021
SEMI-FINALIST - Dreamachine International Film Festival - 2020-2
Highbridge Winner